Red Mountains

I paint from three things.
1) Something I saw in the past.
2) What I feel at that time /felt in the past.
3) What appeared in my mind.
The Red Mountains came from 3) what appeared in my mind. I sometimes see the images especially between my awake and asleep. Just images show up, some of them fade away quickly, and I probably don’t remember most of them. Or doesn’t give me enough urge to paint.
When this image appeared in mind, I didn’t start painting right away. I was putting it off for a while. Most of the images fade away at this point, but this image just got louder and louder. I had to let it out.
When I started painting, it’s just mixture of colors putting on the canvas; I’m not even sure how it would turn out/come out. But some point, it (the painting) starts to breathe on its own. Then I feel the finishing point is near.
It’s almost like having a baby. Although I’ve never had one, my artwork IS my child. Someone called it “braindren”. So, this is how this braindren was born. (or maybe a mindren)
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