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New Year Resolutions 2015

My resolution for the past couple of years was “Unconditional Love”.

Yes, I know, that’s a gigantic goal to reach! I still believe if we can love ourselves unconditionally, we can love all unconditionally. But I realized that there were more steps for me to take to reach that goal.

So, here we go.

  1. I’m going to feel EVERYTHING thoroughly and completely, negative or positive. Focusing on positive feelings helped me to raise my vibration when I was down and out. I mean, if you are at the point either die or change, focusing on any positive feelings will help you coming out of the darkness. But after a while, I realized every time when I focused on a positive feeling I was rejecting a part of me feeling negative, because my mind said “it is not OK to feel negative, negative is baaaad”. Wait a minute…, suppressing my feelings is how I got myself into the darkness in the first place. I’m stopping this self rejection this year. Feel everything I need to feel, sad, mad or happy without any guilt or shame. Actually, this is how we can heal ourselves. Watch the video of Teal Swan I posted below “How To Heal The Emotional Body”. The process may take a while, but it will definitely worth it.
  2. Be vulnerable and say what I feel. Since I’m going to stop rejecting myself and start feeling everything, I’m also going to be honest to myself and speak out what I feel. I’m good at suppressing my feelings and not saying anything since when I was a child. I started to express myself through painting about 6 years ago. It was a huge jump for me and wrote about it in one of my blog. But I often still don’t say anything when I want to say something because of fears I have. “What if someone disagree with me…, what if someone feels offended…, what I feel maybe not that important to anyone… etc.”. Self rejection, again. I’m going to change that. Nobody needs to agree with me or understand me. That’s irrelevant. I want to be able to speak out how I feel.
  3. I’m going to trust myself more and follow my heart more. I often doubt myself. That’s probably from my insecurity. When I started to listen to how I feel, I realized that’s the most trustworthy partner I could ever have. Your feelings will never lie to you if you listen carefully. I’ll keep remind myself that. Then, I can follow my heart without any doubt.
  4. I’m letting go of self-righteousness. I tend to seek agreement and validation from others. As I mentioned, that’s one of the fears I have when I try to speak out. If I can’t come to agreement with someone, I’m letting go of my self-righteousness. Because everyone is right from their own perspectives. It doesn’t mean I need to change myself, instead, it’s a great opportunity for me to expand my perspective.

These are my resolutions for 2015. These pretty much go hand in hand. If I can accomplish #1, I will be able to accomplish #2 and #3. #4 is to remind myself not to get caught up in a separated thinking, who is right and who is wrong, or what is good and what is bad. All are right and all are good.

I wish everyone to be healthy, happy and prosperous. 🙂

A Happy New Year!


original acrylic fine art painting Solitude by Masako


Title:  Solitude

Size:  16″x20″x0.75″

Acrylic on canvas

Currently exhibited at 757 Creative Space in Norfolk VA.

Original abstract paintings, Treasure series and surreal painting Solitude by Masako displayed at 757 Creative Space

Treasure series & Solitude at 757 Creative Space

My Only Fantasy

original acrylic fine art painting "My Only Fantasy" by Masako

My Only Fantasy

Title:  My Only Fantasy

Size:  11″x14″x0.75″

Acrylic on canvas

Currently at 757 Creative Space in Norfolk.  Please visit and check out the office space and art work by local artists.

Emotion Buds

fine art acrylic painting Emotion Buds by Masako

Emotion Buds

11×14 Acrylic on canvas. 

There can be no knowledge without emotion.  We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours.  To the cognition of the brain must be added the experience of the soul.  – Arnold Bennett

The Importance of Your Paintings?

I am an energy. We all are. My thoughts create feelings/emotions, which create vibrations. These vibrations transfer into my art. I feel that this is something I need to do to release it through my art. When other people see my art their vibrations (perhaps frequency) match or harmonize to the vibrations released from my art. That would take the vibrations to another level and even create different vibrations. That is the beauty of the art.

Some may see the art in me and some may not. It doesn’t matter how other people perceive. I just hope my art vibrates all individuals in a good way.

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