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Message to All Angels on Earth

If you are an empath, you feel other people’s feelings and are greatly affected by it.

When some people said “I’m an empath”, I thought it was some sort of special ability. Until recently I realized that I was also an empath. Because you feel other people’s feelings, you chose what to say or what not to say… or to do or not to do around them depending on what they are feeling. You’ve been doing that since you are a little child, so it’s norm to you. You feel your parents, then, you feel your friends… then you feel your co-workers…. then you feel your boyfriend or girlfriend…. then you feel your spouse… and so on.

That is good in a way…, but something hit me. There was one person I didn’t feel, or didn’t pay attention to.

That was myself!

Angel on Earth

If you are an empath, you feel others and listen to others except yourself. The most important person in your life, yourself! This is a message to all empaths out there. You are great healers and angels on Earth because of your ability to feel others. But sometimes you ignore your own feelings and needs. Please set a healthy boundary for yourself and meet your needs as well.

Take care all angels on Earth. I love you.

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