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Virginia Artists 2014 Juried Exhibition

This was a really nice surprise. Not only one of my paintings was accepted for the juried exhibition, but also it was on a newspaper!

This cat bat came into my dream and stuck in my mind for sometime. So I had to let it out. This process always amazes me. I don’t know where these images come from, and I just let them out. Once I let them out, they start living their own lives.

Simmons_Masako_2_Cat Bat and Mouse VA 2014 Social Scene Feature in Daily Press


original acrylic fine art painting Solitude by Masako


Title:  Solitude

Size:  16″x20″x0.75″

Acrylic on canvas

Currently exhibited at 757 Creative Space in Norfolk VA.

Original abstract paintings, Treasure series and surreal painting Solitude by Masako displayed at 757 Creative Space

Treasure series & Solitude at 757 Creative Space


fine art original acrylic painting Vortex by Masako


11×14 Acrylic Paint on Canvas.

The image is more than an idea.  It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy. – Ezra Pound


fine art original acrylic painting Oasis by Masako


Under the thin layer of the desert surface, there is an oasis no one knows.  All good things under the surface only if you look inside…

This is the last painting in 2010.

Once Upon A Time

Until I figure out why I’m not able to import my new blog to Note in Facebook page, I guess I’ll post on both of my blog site… I’m computerly challenged.  Although I’m following all the instructions, I must be missing a very simple step or something…

I haven’t posted my new paintings to my blog, so here goes…
Once Upon A Time…

fine art surreal painting of once upon a time by Masako

Once Upon A Time

When I was walking a trail, I found an old tree trunk that was in the process of going back to the earth soil.  The image reminded me of an old castle or an opera house that once seemed immortal crumbling down.

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